January Member of the Month

Name:  Laura Crewsdon

Age: 30

Occupation: Speech Pathologist

How long you have been a member at CrossFit Hurstville?  Approximately 7 months

What motivates you to get to the gym everyday?

  • Training with like-minded, supportive, funny people. Don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much at a gym
  • The energy and dedication from all the coaches makes you want to improve
  • Seeing my body, strength and mindset change

What are your current training goals?

  • Run 1.6km in 7 mins
  • Get to the gym 4 times a week
  • Improve flexibility so I can get lower in a squat position

Favourite Exercise/Crossfit movement?  Split Jerk

Least favourite exercise/Crossfit movement?  Overhead Squat

What has contributed to your success in the last month?

  • Wanting to work off the Christmas Turkey
  • Not wanting to lose momentum after the holiday period
  • Seeing my beautiful, pregnant sister remain so consistent and motivated
  • Strong desire to keep improving and building on what I’ve already achieved.

In 50 words or less describe your CrossFit Hurstville Experience?

Packing up my life in the UK earlier in the year because of COVID was at times very disorientating / overwhelming but I can truly say joining CFH contributed to me feeling healthy, purposeful and happy again. The people, coaches, facilities and attitude of everyone at CFH are second to none 🙂

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