Brooke Pretty


Primary School Teacher

Right from the start I was welcomed into this happy community of people. The coaches support and encourage you every session to challenge yourself to get the results you’re after. They explicitly break down movements so you understand how it all works and take the time to critique and correct your technique to ensure the movement is done correctly and safely. Every session is different, challenging and rewarding. :blush:

Mitch Burke



As a health care professional keeping fit and healthy are paramount to me. I came to Crossfit Hurstville after hitting a bit of a plateau with my training and haven’t looked back since. Initially, what I really liked about the sessions were the coaching staff’s importance on developing correct technique, part practicing skills to develop that technique and the mobility and activation work done prior to workouts, which I think is crucial to any training regime. Workouts are challenging but with good variety and I really enjoy the encouraging environment inside the gym. In addition, the laughs and rivalries with mates have always kept things fun and enjoyable. Whether you have strength, conditioning or mobility weaknesses (like some of us not so supple leopards), you start to see improvements in your training to a point where you can do workouts and movements you never thought you could. From broomsticks to barbells, scaled to RX, setting goals to ringing bells! Cheers Crossfit Hurstville.

Simona Trevini


Senior Finance Manager

My experience at CrossFit Hurstville has just been amazing and still is! Paul and the team have been great coaches since the very beginning, pushing me out of my comfort zone (even at my own dismay). My achievement is because of my own commitment, the training environment you both created, along with the people I train with – this makes all the difference.

Alyce Apps



I have been part of the CrossFit Hurstville community for over 2 years and have loved every second of it. I have played competitive sports all my life and generally been quite active, but the training at CrossFit Hurstville has helped me gain strength and a level of fitness that I have never achieved before. CrossFit Hurstville is an awesome place to train, the facilities, people and trainers are amazing, their attentiveness, ability to motivate and depth of knowledge is second to none. Don’t buy into all the stereotypes this gym is a fun and friendly environment for people of all fitness levels to train at.

Melody Tuhimata


Customer Service

Testimonial: Every moment that I have spent up in the box at CrossFit Hurstville has been thoroughly enjoyable. With Excellent coaches, a great team environment and a good variety of exercises, you just cannot help feeling on top of the world once you’re done. Get down to CrossFit Hurstville today!

Jake Vrahnos



One of the best environments you can be a part of. The coaches are a main reason i do cross fit due to the fact that the values that they instill in the gym is highly respectable. Their communication and passion to help others is not only inspiring but motivates me to better myself. My cross fit experience started as a pre season training for footy and turned out to be a hobby.

Nicole Jenner


IT Service Delivery Manager

I have loved every minute of the last 12 months that I have been training at CrossFit Hurstville. The coaches are amazing, helping me achieve my goals and sharing my excitement when I achieve them. The community is just as supportive and make every workout enjoyable.

Alana Celi


Technical Crew

Training at CF Hurstville has given me the push I needed to progress with my training. The programming is challenging but I find it very rewarding. The coaches and community here are so supportive of each other which makes it easy to show up every day.

Chris Azzi



From the first day stepping into CrossFit Hurstville, I have had a blast. Both the members and coaches are awesome, making it easy to keep training away whilst hitting my goals. No better feeling than crossing out a goal on the goal board!

Dimce Hristov


IT Engineer

CrossFit Hurstville is Awesome! – the coaches are great, the atmosphere is excellent, people are friendly and helpful. Very happy to be part of the CrossFit Hurstville community.

Scott Warn


Electrical account manager

This is the gym that answers all of the criticism about Crossfit. It has considered programming, is goal orientated and has an emphasis on quality not quantity. Add in an awesome bunch of people and I’m enjoying chasing my goals more than ever.

Charlotte Dobson


Sales Assistant

Crossfit Hurstville is the place to be. A solid workout is a total guarantee! Lifting, Running, Ski Ergs and more, be prepared for some DOMs, they can be a bit sore! The encouragement and support from everyone around, is what makes this business incredibly profound! Any age or size, there’s a class for all. If you need any help, just speak to Paul!

Mai Ashby



My son Jarod is 15 and has been training at CrossFit Hurstville for about 2yrs. With encouragement, determination and knowledge the coaches have facilitated my teen into a strong man. Paul is not only a trainer but a leader and mentor gaining results. He has fostered a physical strength in my son Jarod that benefits his mental strength and positive well-being. I would recommend CrossFit Hurstville to all ages- young, adults and aged- CrossFit Hurstville can meet individual needs with attainable goals.

Emma Egan


Business Owner

I wanted to get stronger so that I could keep up with my kids. I took the plunge one day and walked in and have not regretted a second of it. The trainers are understanding and cater to all sizes and level of fitness – this time 12 months ago I would have looked at the session on the board ….gasped and then turned and walked out – now I am able to push myself out of comfort zone in an environment that is supportive and totally non judgemental. I had a friend say to me that crossfit was the worst thing you could do for your joints…..I honestly can’t see why! The trainers guide you through every movement safely and will give you alternatives fit for your level and strength. I love it and now know why it’s so addictive!! My son has started too 🙂

Colin Cuthbert



I only joined a couple of months ago and have loved every minute of it! I wanted to get my motivation back after ‘going through the routine’ for years at a local gym for years… I’ve got my motivation back, feel fitter already and actually look forward to going to the gym again! I’d recommend Crossfit to anyone who wants to get fitter, lose weight and want to push themselves! Each day is something different so you can’t get bored, the trainers are there to help and there is a real community atmosphere between all the members….

Alexi Brakatseols


Duty Manager

CFH is a great environment to train in. Coaches are knowledgeable and always looking at improving members movements and overall fitness. I would recommend CFH to anybody looking at really making a difference to their overall fitness. Coming from a high level football background CFH has improved my overall fitness (power speed and endurance) and reduced my injuries allowing me to perform throughout the season.

Christine Scott


Office Administration

The CrossFit Hurstville community is an awesome mix of people who enjoy pushing themselves to be better and encouraging each other. Coaches that are well educated and knowledgeable on all aspects of Crossfit. It is an awesome place to train.

Bianca Maniatakos


Personal Trainer

The Crossfit Hurstville community is beyond comparison, i’m so glad to be a part of it. Everytime you walk into the gym, there is such a positive energy and everyone is so welcoming. I’m so grateful to be a part of the coaching team in the best gym ever! CrossFit really is for everyone There is an option for all fitness levels. Whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey or you’ve been at it for years, the workouts will be perfect for you.

Fatima Boussi



The community of CrossFit Hurstville is so welcoming. In the 3 months that I’ve been at Crossfit, I have actually felt I am capable of more than I thought I could.. I was scared at the beginning and worried I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with everyone. However the classes are designed so that every workout has a scaled option, and you push yourself as hard as you can. The classes are fun and the coaches and the other members are so supportive and want everyone to reach their personal goals. I have loved every session I’ve attended. It may be a little hard but it makes you feel so much better at the end and also helps you focus on your goals and you become more health concerned and focus on a balance diet and regular training.

Claire Dobson


Clinical Nurse Consultant

CrossFit Hurstville is a great environment to train in with patient and knowledgeable coaches. There is always much support and encouragement and classes are hard work but fun. The atmosphere is wonderful- no pretence or show ponies and no judgements. I didn’t think classes were for me to start with and now I really look forward to my Saturday morning work out.