May Member of the Month

Name: Ivan Karic

Age: 37

Occupation: Project Manager

Hobbies/Interests: Family, Snowboarding, water skiing, crossfit, scuba diving

Favourite Food: A Croatian dish called “Sarma” (cabbage rolls). YUM!

Sports you played growing up? Soccer, Rugby League, Squash

How did you come across CrossFit and how long have you been doing it? I wanted to sign up to a gym, but needed something different. I stumbled upon CFH and haven’t looked back! I have been doing Crossfit for 7 months now.

What do you like most about CrossFit? I really enjoy the community spirit, but also being able to turn up to CFH and not have to plan what I will be training each session.

Favourite Exercise/Crossfit movement? Pull ups now that I can do them.

Least favourite exercise/Crossfit movement? Burpees

Biggest achievement in CrossFit to date? Smashing all my PB’s!

What has contributed to your success in the last month? Getting to training at least 4 times a week, and the encouragement I receive from other members of this awesome community.

50 words or less describe your CrossFit Hurstville Experience? Everyone at CFH is so welcoming and the coaches are great. I look forward to training every day. I love the challenge of each workout, pushing myself harder every day. I have learnt so many new movements/exercises in my short time at CFH and look forward to learning many more.


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