October Member of the Month

Name: Michael Stone
Age: 35
Occupation: Electrician
Hobbies/Interests: NBA, NFL, NRL, Horse Racing
Favourite Food: Japanese/Sushi
Sports you played growing up? Rugby League, Basketball, Soccer

How did you come across CrossFit and how long have you been doing it?  Wifey dragged me along – 12-18 Months

What do you like most about CrossFit? It never gets easier. There is always something to learn/aim for/achieve

Favourite Exercise/Crossfit movement? Running

Least favourite exercise/Crossfit movement? The Assault Bike

Biggest achievement in CrossFit to date? Legless Rope Climbs

What has contributed to your success in the last month? 100%- Consistency

In 50 words or less describe your CrossFit Hurstville Experience? Genuinely enjoyable whilst learning, improving and pushing my body in a good atmosphere surrounded by good people, be it coaches or other members. Can be a slow, methodical process but definitely worth the grind.

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