Member of the month – November

Name: Sam
Age: 41
Nationality: Australian
Occupation: School Principal

How long have you been into Crossfit? Since March 2015

What made you start Crossfit?

To improve my overall fitness and maintain weight loss

Favourite Exercise/Crossfit movement?

There isn’t one!!!

Least favourite exercise/Crossfit movement? 

Where do I begin mate??? Pull ups

Biggest achievement in CrossFit to date?

Being able to complete the workout and remaining conscious

Most embarrassing or funny moment in CrossFit?

Being able to complete the ab mat situps when I first began crossfit. I couldn’t do them and the pain was unbearable!

What has contributed to your success in the last month?

The weight loss associated with the regular crossfit sessions

In 50 words or less describe your CrossFit Hurstville Experience?

The camaraderie that exists combined with the expertise of the trainers is motivating (sometimes, depending on the workout) and inspiring. It is tailored to my ability and subsequently, I always feel like I have engaged in a real workout (as opposed to a death sentence).

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