Member of the Month – September 2016

Name: Melody Hawaiiki Tuhimata
Age: 25
Nationality: Samoan / Maori
Occupation: Customer Service
Hobbies/Interests: Besides Cross fit – Fishing, Snooker, NBA,
Favourite Food: Italian & Asian cuisine. Also any good burger and hot crispy chips hahaha

How long have you been into Crossfit? 2 years (attendance has been on and off)

What made you start Crossfit? Noticed some pretty good results in friends and family and wanted to try something new

Favourite Exercise/Crossfit movement? All Lifting, however have recently become quite fond of the snatch and cleans

Least favourite exercise/Crossfit movement? LUNGES AND RUNNING!

Biggest achievement in CrossFit to date? I beat Oz in a freestanding handstand comp. Just kidding. I can do a few kipping pull-ups 🙂

Most embarrassing or funny moment in CrossFit? Victimised whilst attempting a box jump and caked it on a 134kg back squat

What has contributed to your success in the last month? Good encouragement from my coaches and fellow cross fitters and help from Jehovah through prayer 🙂

In 50 words or less describe your CrossFit Hurstville Experience?

Every moment that I have spent up in the box at CrossFit Hurstville has been thoroughly enjoyable. With Excellent coaches, a great team environment and a good variety of exercises, you just cannot help feeling on top of the world once you’re done. Get down to CrossFit Hurstville today!


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