Member of the Month – October 2016

Name – Alyce Apps
Age – 28
Nationality – Australian
Hobbies / Interests – The beach, any type of sport, renovating and hanging with family and friends.
Favourite Food – Hot chips and chocolate .


How long have you been doing CrossFit – Since CF Hurstville opened.

What made you start CrossFit? – Ali and Pauly did. Deon became involved with the fit out and I popped my head in one day and have been here ever since.

Favourite CrossFit Exercises – I like the long chipper workouts.

Least favourite CrossFit exercises? Pistol squats.

Greatest Accomplishment –  Beating Deon in any workout and completing my first CF open RX.

Most embarrassing or funny moment – Crashing my car on my way home after a session and having to call Ali to come and help me.

What has contributed to your success at CrossFit –The coaches, my competitiveness and training consistently.

Describe your CrossFit experience in 50 words – Cross Fit Hurstville is a great place to train. The coaches are all very encouraging and helpful when it comes to technique. I love how every workout is challenging, competitive and fun.


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