Member of the Month – April

Name – Andrew Isaac
Age – 29
Nationality – Australian
Occupation – Senior Sales Consultant
Hobbies / Interests – Watching movies and eating out
Favourite Food – Burgers and pizza

How long have you been doing CrossFit – About 6 months

What made you start CrossFit? – My wife got me into it after hassling me for 2 months. she started CrossFit first and loved it so she thought it would be good for me to give it a go. I also wasn’t training properly at the gym at the time and needed a new motivating reason to train.

Favourite CrossFit Exercises – Back Squats & Dead Lifts

Least favourite CrossFit exercises – Snatches, Burpees & Wall Balls.

Greatest Accomplishment – Finishing the workouts within the allocated time.

Most embarrassing or funny moment – Having the coach yell out “Banana Back!” when I was doing a dead lift in front of everyone.

What has contributed to your success at CrossFit – Listening and learning from my peers and coaches. Understanding new ways of training that I never experienced before.

Describe your CrossFit experience in 50 words – It is fun & never boring. You walk into the box not knowing what to expect. You also feel like pushing your limits with every workout. The people you train with are warm and friendly and it is like you are part of a community.


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