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For many competitors, this years Tribal Clash will be their first competition in the functional fitness world. Super exciting, but potentially nerve racking!

Here are some tips on how to prepare for this competition…

What you need to bring:

  • Swimmers
  • Sunscreen
  • Towels
  • Shorts
  • Singlet/T-shirt
  • Esky with ice
  • Chair
  • Shoes/Socks – include a pair of long socks for rope climbs
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Goggles
  • Toilet paper!

Other things you may want to consider:

  • Antibacterial gel/wipes
  • Yoga mat, foam roller / lacrosse ball for stretching
  •  Something to lay on between events
  • Portable chargers/cords
  • Headphones/portable speaker
  • Other training gear which you frequently use (tape, gloves, belt)

Food and nutrition for the two days can be a little tricky because a lot of the time throughout the day you won’t feel like eating much at all. So simple and convenient is best for days like this.


Some tips around when and what to eat include:


  • Make sure you have it!
  • Try to have it about 90mins before your first event
  • Protein – yoghurt, eggs, protein shake
  • Carbs – fruit, oats, cereal
  • Coffee… It’s very important!!!
  • Water

Avoid high fat foods such as bacon and avocado – fats are slow digesting forms of energy which is something you should aim to avoid before a big day of competition.


During the day:

  • WATER! I recommend having around 5L a day on hand
  • Powerade/Gatorade/Staminade
  • Fruit – grapes, berries, bananas; dried fruit – dates, apricots
  • Baby food pouches – the fruit ones!
  • Rice/corn cakes with jam
  • Protein – chicken, protein bars/powder
  • Lollies are great for a quick energy source (Sour Patch kids are my personal favourite)
  • Pre-workout (if you use it)

Small amounts over the course of the day seems to work best; large meals can make you feel heavy and lethargic which is something you definitely don’t want at a competition! Try not to eat too much or too close to your heat (20-30mins beforehand).


End of the day:

  • Time to replenish and refuel for the next day!
  • Carbs and lots of them! Potatoes, rice, pasta
  • Time for some fat!
  • More protein
  • More water!
  • Limit alcohol to 1-2 drinks if you are going to have any (save the rest for Sunday night!)
  • Eat something you enjoy – ice cream, chocolate etc.


What to expect:

Tribal Clash is a LONG two days.

Be well rested leading up to the weekend which means some form of tapering in the week before and minimal training for at least two days prior to the weekend.

It is going to be both physically and mentally tough. You will be asked to do things you have never been exposed to before. You will DEFINITELY be sore going into day 2 (food and sleep are important here).

Tribal Clash is hands down the most well run competition I have ever been involved with – your team will know exactly what each event is, what heat you’re in, what time you will compete and where the event/s are located the entire weekend – this means making sure you are switched on and punctual for your events.

It will (hopefully) be hot so stay in the shade as much as possible and swim in the water to cool off after each event.


What you will get out of the weekend:

You will do things you never thought possible

You may get a tan (good or bad)

Immense personal satisfaction – be happy and proud of what you achieve over the weekend

You will most definitely have FUN!!!

A weekend spent by the beach with an awesome crew of people doing lots of fitness!!!

Thanks for reading CrossFit, and see you down there.


Nicky Zibens


CrossFit Hurstville

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