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In the time and society that we live in, time is a precious commodity.

To prioritise health and fitness and allocate time every day to exercise, for many people, is not an easy task.

That is one of the reasons that group fitness- CrossFit, Boot camp, F45…. you name it, has become so popular.

It gives people a set time where they know will get a great workout it, and then carry on with the many other tasks of the day.

1 hour, while it might sound like a lot, is not really a lot of time. And if you waste part of it, it becomes a lot shorted.

If you want to get the most out of that hour, and hence your training, you need to be prepared.

The following tips are very relevant to anyone doing CrossFit, but will hopefully have some meaninging for any of you out there doing your own training or other forms of group training.

  1. Know what you are going to do before you do it!

If you train yourself, and write your own program, make sure it is written and ready to be executed. If you get your sessions programmed for you, or train at a CrossFit gym, read the program and understand what is involved. This will help you mentally prepare and set you up well for the session ahead

  1. Be on time.

You have 1 hour. Really, to make the most of one hour, you should arrive and get ready 15 minutes before your session. This will allow you to change, go to the bathroom, fill up your bottle, and start moving/stretching and physically preparing for the session ahead.

It GRINDS my gears when people rock up to a 1 hour class 10-15 mins late, and then complain they are not seeing results, or complain about all the niggles they are feeling!!!

  1. Eliminate distractions.

This will be very much individual but start by turning the phone off or putting it out of sight. To get the most out of your training you need focus and concentration. Avoid anything (or anyone) that will make this difficult.

  1. Focus on the task at hand at all times, and put in 100% effort.

Do your best to forget about the days work, forget about the wife/husband/kid dramas, and give everything to the task at hand- your training.

Signing up to a gym, attending classes several times a week……. That is all a great place to start. If you want to make the most of every opportunity, and experience growth in your fitness and health, come prepared. You will notice a big difference in your training. If you are not growing anywhere, you are not going anywhere!

Paul Kiely

Head Coach

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